There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather…

…Just inappropriate clothing. This old New England saying shifts our thinking here at Glen Brook. We do not allow our minds to erect a barrier between us and nature by believing that the weather is too bad to be outside. What freedom and joy this mind-shift creates for us and our campers and students.

Decades ago, most of us would have lived on farms, like Glen Brook’s small diversified farm. We would have had to go outside everyday, no matter what the weather to care for our animals. Stepping out the door to breathe the fresh morning air, feel the breeze and humidity, and take in the light of dawn, would have awakened our senses and given us a sense of anticipation for the day to come. While most of us no longer carry the responsibility of a home farm, campers and students that come to Glen Brook greet the day with chores on our small farm—whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot. There may be a groan or two getting out of bed to a rainy day, but the students’ smiles around the breakfast table after an early start in the elements remind us here that it’s worth it to weather the weather, whatever the weather.

We still have some room for your family to join us for our February 8 – 10 Winter Family Weekend and Winter Camp (for grades 3 – 8) February 18 – 23. We recommend packing for all possible weather, but we keep a store of hand-me-down boots, raincoats, hats and gloves, just in case. We hope to see you at Glen Brook soon!


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