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We model a regenerative relationship with Earth:

  • We harvest our own food from our farm.
  • We harvest lumber from our forest.
  • We produce our electricity with solar panels.
  • We make beautiful creations from the wool from our sheep.
  • We create and source from our own forests and fields wherever possible.

Producing what we consume is a core piece of how we sustain ourselves as a Camp, and help sustain our planet for the future. You can read some more specifics of our recent sustainability work here and read about our Sustainability Initiative here.

Solar Power

100% of our electricity is solar powered! In 2023 our community funded a solar array that produces all our electricity AND generates over $20,000 toward our camper scholarship fund each year.

Before going solar, we reduced our electric needs in dozens of ways: converting to LED’s and efficient appliances, always teaching conservation and use reduction, and converting away from oil burning heat sources to locally sourced wood pellets.

Local Food

Food is central to the Glen Brook experience. We share home-grown, home-cooked meals three times a day sitting together family style. We grow most of our food right here on the campus, and the rest is bought from local farms whenever possible (alas, we have no local farms for some things such as coffee!). This value sustains our bodies, our land, and the vibrant local community of thoughtful farmers who also help make this such a beautiful region.

Watch a quick flyover of our campus, ending with the solar field:

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