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Camp Glen Brook • Est. 1946

We nurture a sense of personal responsibility for the world around us.

A view of people standing in a circle holding hands in a green field

Glen Brook is a place where your body, mind, and spirit can be renewed.

Welcome to Camp Glen Brook, a place of self-discovery, community, and nature connection since 1946. We offer summer, winter, and family camps, Gap semester programs, and school programs on our beautiful 250-acre forest and farm campus.

Our Programs

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Programs for all ages, year-round.

At the core of all our programs is a connection with one another and the natural world.

Why Camp Glen Brook

Compassionately Glen Brook. Uniquely Glen Brook.

Our foundation lies in the values and principles of Waldorf education.
Campers jumping off a dock into the water.
Our small size encourages a close-knit community.
Campers dancing and posing for the camera in a green field.
Our farm provides wholesome food and wonderful learning experiences.
A camper putting eggs in a carton.

Holy smokes, our two children had so much fun! I swear they talked a blue streak for two hours when they got home, telling us all about Glen Brook, teaching us card games, describing people who impressed or inspired them, and relating moments of complete joy they experienced. They seriously loved everything about it. Thank you so much for giving them this formative experience. We are very grateful!”

Camper & CIT Parent

We love Camp Glen Brook for all that it is. Waldorf-inspired, with a strong farm-to-table backbone; art, nature, creative, skills-based.

Camper Parent

Our children refused to get in the car to return home until we promised to send them back to camp next year! On a scale of 1 to 5, Hank gives Camp Glenbrook “72 million”.

Camper Parent

My daughter’s experience was life changing in all the best ways possible. She deeply loved every experience she had at camp and we can see a great deal of growth upon her return. She speaks lovingly about her camp mates and reverently about the outings she took, her time at the pond and her opportunities to care for the animals. She is filled with earnest descriptions of mealtimes and bunk check times and the performing arts evening.

Camper Parent

Glen Brook is an amazing place. My son loves the camp, its counselors, the food is amazing and he loves every minute and can’t wait to go back each time!

Camper Parent

My daughter went to camp kicking and screaming. She can’t wait to come back next year!! Thank YOU!!!! What a wonderful life experience; both to have a wonderful overnight camp and also, to be able to see that what she thought was going to be, was totally different and perhaps she will have a more open mind the next time life presents her with a similar opportunity.

Camper Parent

Our daughter came home full of security, with a new-found strength within herself.

Camper Parent

It I had to dream of a perfect summer camp for a kid Camp Glen Brook would be it. Keep doing what you do! It’s truly a special place.

Camper Parent

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In all that we do, we aim to leave the world a little better than the way we found it. But we need your support to make the magic of Camp Glen Brook accessible to more families.

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