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Our small size, farm-to-table food, and our Waldorf philosophy are the three hallmarks of Camp Glen Brook's co-ed residential Summer Camp for 3rd - 10th graders.

We recommend you start by watching our video.  Turn up the music, sit back, and enjoy!

About Summer Camp

At Camp Glen Brook we weave traditional New England camping activities with the ideals of Waldorf education.  Our co-ed, residential, summer camp seeks to inspire and empower children and teenagers to feel comfortable in the world, be involved in their communities and be good stewards of the earth. Click here for Rates and Dates.

Glen Brook is a perfect fit for campers of all ages.  Parents love our small size and family feel.  In keeping with Waldorf philosophy, we believe that premature exposure to too many choices and ever-changing structures can give an illusory sense of freedom that can actually undermine the attainment of genuine and deep freedom later in life. With few exceptions, children participate in every camp program and activity, thereby engaging in a wide spectrum of experiences. Most often campers are expert in some activities and can encourage and help others find greater success, while in other activities they need the support and expertise of their peers. Through these experiences a true community is built, rather than a society of individuals only striving for self-enhancement.  As the campers reach their middle school years they are offered some elective activities.

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Camp Glen Brook is fully accredited by the American Camping Association.