Sustainability Improvements in Recent years

Sustainability is at the heart of much of what we do here at Glen Brook. Reducing our energy use has made our buildings more efficient, comfortable, and resilient. Some of our major improvements in the last decade include:

  • Gabriel’s Field & Regenerative Educational Farming
    • We raise eggs, meat, and produce here on the land in a way that regenerates the soil and land, feeds those who come here, and of course creates an incredible way to learn about and connect with the land
  • Insulation & new windows in all our winterized buildings has greatly lowered our fuel needs
  • Energy Efficiency: through LED bulbs and efficient appliances
  • Moving onto a pellet boiler for heat, and off of fossil fuels
  • Adding in Heat Pumps to several places, and upgraded to Efficient wood Stoves that burn far less wood
  • Cultivating an old-growth forest that naturally removes carbon from the atmosphere, while serving as an incredible playground, outdoor classroom, and natural habitat.

As we share the details of our Sustainability Initiative for the next few years, we are proud to look back and reflect on all the work we’ve already done!


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