Farm To Table

The Farm-to-Table idea really took off in the 1980s and 1990s, and a lot of chefs started to make delicious meals using local, seasonal foods. It was like a food revolution, making people think more about what they ate and where it came from, and putting fresher ingredients into meals.  Knowing the farmers and how they grew their food not only led to tastier food, but food that is better for the environment and the local economy.

Farm-to-Table isn’t just about eating yummy food, though. It’s also about knowing the stories behind the food. Every carrot, tomato, and chicken has a story about the farm where it was grown or raised. We love sharing these stories because it makes the food taste even better when you know where it comes from.

At Glen Brook, our hallmark Farm-to-Table program and meals is all about using our own and other fresh, local ingredients that are in season. That means you’ll see different foods on the menu depending on the time of year. As the chef, I support Sam and other local farmers and celebrate the flavors of our region.

Farm-to-table isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s hard to find all the ingredients we need from local farms. And farmers have their own challenges to keep providing everything they hope to. But despite the challenges, people still love Farm-to-Table because it’s all about good food and supporting local communities.

So, next time you sit down to eat at a restaurant, think about where your food came from. Maybe it traveled just a few miles from a nearby farm to your plate. And remember to thank the farmers and chefs who work hard to make sure you have delicious food to enjoy!


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