Winter Camp (Registration opens in October!)

February 18 - 23, 2019

During the February week of President's Day, Camp Glen Brook offers an overnight winter program for 3rd through 9th graders. The week is patterned after our summer program with two morning and afternoon activity blocks. Glen Brook is a winter wonderland, and we take advantage of it! Click here for rates and dates.
How do we spend the week?

Play and Explore in the Snow!

With some warm clothes and fun activities, we stay warm and have fun on the coldest of days. We:

• Skate on the pond  
• Sled down our hills
• Cross-country ski
• Snow-Shoe  
• Build snow forts   
• Track Wildlife  
• And More!

Warm Up by the Fire

When not outside, we enjoy the warmth of the Main House and our cozy wood stoves to:

• Play Board Games  
• Bake and Cook delicious food  
• Make Art and Crafts  
• Perform Skits and Plays  
• Read a good book  
• Talk, Sing, and Enjoy each other

Help on the Farm

Though not as much grows in the Winter, we still have farm work to do!  Campers help:

• Care for our Farm Animals
• Make Maple Syrup (weather permitting)  
• Plant in the Greenhouses for the coming year

Enjoy the Quiet Winter Nights

We end our evenings singing together, playing indoor games, and bundling up to look at the beautiful New Hampshire stars before heading to bed to talk about the day and end with a story.