Weekend 1: February 8 - 10, 2019

Weekend 2: March 1 - 3, 2019

Cost (includes lodging, meals & program):  Adults (age 14 & up) $250, Children (ages 2 - 13) $150, There is no charge for infants under 2.  Maximum charge of $800 per nuclear family.

"Camp Glen Brook maple syrup is out of this world! You can truly taste the love and care put into this product. It pays to do things the right way, and the staff at Camp Glen Brook have nurtured a product that is outstanding." 
— Sean Brock
Executive Chef, McCrady's Restaurant, Charleston, S.C.
James Beard Award Winner: “Rising Star Chef” and "Best Chef Southeast"

Glen Brook maple syrup — organic, hand-gathered — is a staple on the Glen Brook breakfast table. Our sugarbush is a mixture of young and mature maples. We tap our trees with a combination of traditional galvanized steel pails and rubber lines so that participants in our surgaring program get the full benefit of operating a traditional operation but also one that utilizes modern methods. Sap is gathered by hand, using a ship's bilge pump to transfer sap into holding tanks, and then into the sugarhouse. Glen Brook's wood-fired evaporator is a 2 1/2-foot by six-foot Dominion & Grimm constructed of an iron arch and stainless steel pans and related components.

Glen Brook runs several sugaring programs, including an intensive three- to five-day school program in which students earn a "sugaring apprentice" certification and a three-day program for youth and families. All programs allow children and adults to participate in sugaring at every level, from tapping trees and gathering sap to cutting wood, feeding the arch, and drawing syrup. And every visiting group earns the ultimate joy of sugaring: fresh maple syrup over hot pancakes.

Please note, that while Mid-February to Late-March are often good times for the sap to flow, it only flows when the weather is right. If we don't have any sap to make syrup, we can still promise good food, great activities, and a wonderful weekend at Glen Brook.

We recommend you use the Winter Camp Packing List as a guide for what to bring!