New Calves: A Warm Welcome

Yesterday as the sun was setting there was a quiet excitement in Glen Brook’s barnyard as a stock trailer arrived with our newest farm family members, three beautiful Hereford heifer calves. They were raised on a loving farm in Bedford, New Hampshire by farmer, Steve Blais. We were lucky to get these beautiful girls. Steve would likely not have sold them, but it was a challenging haying year and his food supply for his herd is dwindling early…three fewer mouths to feed, even little ones, makes a difference.

When these newcomers entered the Glen Brook barnyard, territory of four other young cows, we were prepared for a bit of shoving. But all the young ones intermingled as though they had know each other their whole lives. We should not have been surprised, Glen Brook is always welcoming to strangers!

We look forward to introducing you to our growing herd next time you come to Glen Brook.


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