Week 6 Update

It’s been quite a busy and fun week at Camp! Saturday Night Entertainment was a blast, a record number of campers participated in Iron Camper (a swim, kayak, bike, and run that can be done solo or on a team), Sunday and Monday finally saw some good rain here on the hill, and everybody is making the most of the final days here at Camp.  The last week is always abuzz with a specially excited energy as everybody packs in all their favorite things to do at Summer Camp before it ends.

The pictures here include art projects that the campers have been working on, pictures from our dance party as well as an elective 80’s dance party, and various pictures from around camp. 

We’re looking forward to our all-camp trip to Stone Pond tomorrow, Banquet tomorrow night, and the final day of classes, tournaments, and our closing ceremonies and appreciation. Stay tuned for photos from the Falcon backpacking trip, and at least one more batch of final photos!


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