7th & 8th Grade Boys Coming of Age Trip

The 7th & 8th grade boys spent a week here at Glen Brook for their Coming of Age Trip.  The week is one of hard work, hard play, and ceremony.  These young men had a chance to bond with each other, and the 8th grade had the opportunity to take up the mantle of leadership in many activities they participated in last year. Projects this year included: starting construction of a new rustic bridge on one of our trails; forging iron to make coat hooks; cooking for the group over an outdoor fire; splitting wood for winter; processing chickens from the farm; and playing vigorous strategy games such as capture the flag in the woods.  We were impressed with the boys in both classes—they had some serious challenges to overcome, and displayed impressive growth and resiliency.  We look forward to watching them grow into fine men.

Enjoy this very small sampling of pictures from some activities this week. 


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