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6th – 8th Grade

Campers jumping off a dock into the water.

Eagles, Deer & Lynx

For campers who have completed 6th – 8th grade. The program runs for 24-day sessions.


Eagles, Deer & Lynx enjoy more choice in their daily activities. They choose a ‘concentration’ that allows them to focus on that same activity for three full mornings each week. Concentrations may include a variety of crafts including woodworking, pioneering and primitive skills, farming, painting and drawing, performance skills, etc.

They also have daily rotating elective options to choose from each day. Their group will still have some scheduled opportunities to rotate through our core camp activities: archery, arts & crafts, farm-life, games, nature, and more. These middle school age campers also enjoy the challenges of our ropes course.

Each afternoon includes General Swim and Free Time before supper. The whole camp community sings together after supper and plays an evening activity before cabin groups retire to their bunks for bedtime, including reflections on the day and a story.


Eagles, Deer, and Lynx each go on a three to five-day wilderness trip, either canoeing or hiking in the wilds of New England away from Camp.

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