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Land Steward/Outdoor Educator

A staff member picking corn.

First and foremost, Land Stewards love working with children and inspiring them to lead active, fulfilling lives.

Position: Land Steward/Outdoor Educator
Location: Marlborough, NH


Land Stewards lead student groups in outdoor games and team-building activities, daily meal chores, work periods, and farm activities; and they serve as wilderness trip leaders on hiking and canoeing adventures in New Hampshire. This is a demanding position. Hours are long and the work is challenging. But it offers the emerging teacher a once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in a vibrant community and at the same time hone teaching and leadership skills in an intense environment. When there are not student groups here, Land Stewards help care for the facility and farm, and can learn many skills in these fields.

First-year salary is $275/week plus room and wholesome board.

Minimum qualifications

  • College degree (not specific to any field of study) or comparable life experience
  • Proven teaching or camp counseling experience
  • Interest in working with children and adult groups
  • Interest in physical work
  • Interest in Waldorf and experiential education


Core responsibilities:

  • Activity and Trips leader (farm, hike, canoe, encampments)
  • Stewardship of property (gardens, buildings, and grounds)
  • Meal times (leading family-style meals, and leading clean-up)
  • Bed times for student groups

Employment typically runs from late winter or early Spring to Mid-November.

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