Spring Gap Ends

As we say goodbye to our spring gap participants (gappers) we are so grateful to have shared Glen Brook with these enthusiastic young people. They have stepped up in so many ways. The spring cohort cared for each other, overcame group challenges and engaged in deep and meaningful conversations. They have spent this semester taking responsibility for themselves and the world around them. They also built over 40 shelving units that will be used by campers for years to come!

The fall will bring with it a new group of gappers: will you be one of them? They will experience all the magic of Glen Brook. They will harvest the fruit and vegetables planted by the spring gappers. They will canoe, hike, and orienteer. They too will build a legacy here that will serve generations to come. Though the seasons change and life moves on Glen Brook will always be a home for these exceptional young people who are brave enough to dive deep into themselves and their relationship with the earth. As always we are sad to see them go, hold a place for them here always, and are filled with love towards the coming gappers we will welcome into our family this fall.

-Shai Rosenfeld, Gap Director

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