2023 Counselors!

We have an incredible staff of counselors for Summer Camp 2023. Read about them below!


This will be Nelly’s second year at Glenbrook. She has always loved attending camp at home, but getting the opportunity to work at a camp as wonderful as Glen Brook has made her extremely excited for the summers to come. Nelly’s interests include baking, martial arts, rock climbing and soccer.  She is excited to give her Fox campers an amazing summer experience.


Arielle Wayner is a student at the Waldorf School of Garden City where she enjoys computer science, participating in the musical and Model U.N., and representing her class on the Student Council. Outside of school, Arielle loves acting, cooking, and racing go-karts as she wants to pursue a career in Formula 1. She also loves spending time with her three younger siblings. Arielle has attended Camp Glen Brook each summer since she was nine years old. Glen Brook is her favorite place to be, and Arielle hopes to make Glen Brook a rejuvenating and fun loving experience for her campers just as her counselors did.

Sabian grew up coming to Glen Brook for family visits when his uncle Twain Braden was summer camp director. He attended Glen Brook as a camper from Fox through Falcon years and was the Otter CIT in 2022. His interests include being outdoors, fishing, backpacking/hiking, hunting and boating and playing all sorts of music. He will be studying wildlife and fisheries science this fall at Paul Smith’s College and is excited to return to Glen Brook with the next generation of campers! 

All the way from Fort Worth Texas, Jack has been attending Glenbrook since 2016. Jack loves working with kids, canoeing and hiking, and is also looking forward to having fun, connecting, and learning with all campers. Jack is a firm believer in Glenbrook’s positive influence on the psyche of campers and staff alike and is excited to help maintain the environment and experience for the campers. 


Bella is from Long Island, New York. She first came to Glen Brook through trips with the Waldorf School. When she turned ten she came to summer camp for the first time. She made some of the most amazing memories and friends, most of which she still speaks with! Now having joined the staff, she can still say Glen Brook has a special place in her heart, and is so happy and grateful to share that love with the campers! 

Lucas comes to us from Knoxville, Tennessee. He likes to skateboard, swim, cliff jump and spend time outside with friends, along with trying new things. He is eager to give his campers the same amazing summer experience that he had when he was a camper at Glen Brook.


Natasha is excited to be returning this summer as a counselor after having been a camper for 5 years! Some of her favorite things to do in her free time are baking cookies and brownies, and working on her cake decorating skills. She also loves being outside, and is an avid hiker, swimmer and dancer. She believes that camp is an amazing place to develop life long friendships and learn responsibility. She hopes to support the Eagles through their self discovery journeys, and be there as a support system for any challenges they may face.

Kimmy joined the Waldorf School of Garden City as a sophomore in high school. Since then, she has gone to Glen Brook with her class for class trips each year. She immediately fell in love with nature and the eclectic programs provided by Camp Glen Brook and decided to become a CIT in the summer of 2022. She was with the Raccoons in the summer of 2022 and the Bobcat counselor at winter camp in 2023. Kimmy is eager to bring the joy of knitting, campfire singing, and bedtime reading to her campers. She also enjoys playing her ukulele, guitar, and flute in her spare time. 

Jasper was first introduced to Camp Glen Brook through the Waldorf School of Garden City from which he graduated this past June. He came to camp for the first time during the yearly school programs and was drawn into Summer Camp in his Lynx year. Now a counselor during both Winter and Summer camps, Jasper also works at the waterfront as a lifeguard. He is looking forward to working with campers and building genuine connections and teaching them valuable lessons. 


Jaime is entering her junior year at Ithaca College as an Integrated Marketing Communications major with a minor in Art. This past semester she studied art and Italian culture in Florence, Italy. She attended Camp Glen Brook as a camper, a Falcon, and a CIT for a total of 5 years. The past few summers she has worked as a day camp counselor at a farm camp local to her home in Connecticut, but this will be her first summer as a cabin counselor at Glen Brook. She has always been a very creative person with a desperation to learn everything she can about the world around her. Although She didn’t attend Waldorf School growing up, the philosophy is deeply ingrained in her from all of her time at Glen Brook and she hopes to share that with her campers. 

Romeek has been at Glen Brook each year since his Raccoon camper year when he was 10. After being a CIT and counselor, Romeek joined the year-round staff in the fall of 2021 as a School Program Instructor with visiting school programs, and as a counselor in the summer. Romeek believes that every child should leave Glen Brook happy, healthy, with a positive Glen Brook experience and a hope to come back next year!


Alyza has been a member of the Glen Brook community since she was 10 years old and is grateful for all the lessons she has learned there. Alyza currently lives in Montreal and studies environmental science at McGill University, where she also works as a student caller for fundraising. She enjoys practicing music and exploring the city in her free time. Alyza loves hiking and being outside and is excited for the opportunity to work as a counselor at Glen Brook. She hopes to help facilitate a magical summer for campers like the ones she had growing up. 

Avi has been attending Camp Glen Brook since he was an otter in 2014. He recently graduated from Laguardia High School where he majored in instrumental music and played the saxophone in symphonic, jazz, and Latin bands.. During his leisure time he enjoys maintaining a consistent workout routine both by weightlifting and playing sports like soccer, basketball and swimming. As someone who has grown up in the bustling metropolis of New York City, hiking and participating in outdoor activities serve as a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. 


Clarissa has been a camper at Glen Brook since she was an otter and has loved growing up with this place as a second home. She is excited to provide the magical experiences she had as a camper to her own kiddos. She has three younger siblings and lots of prior experience working with kids through programs at her school and tutoring services outside of school, as well as being a CIT at Glenbrook last summer.

Ben was born in Massachusetts and moved around the country with his family. He  wished to live outdoors and came to work at Glen Brook as a school program instructor in 2023. He thoroughly enjoys playing games, going on hikes, exploring nature, doing crafts, swimming, learning and attempting to appreciate poetry, and many many other cool things. His interests range from geology to botany, from math to origami, and from reading to card tricks. He likes to sing folk music, play piano, stargaze, and jump off high places into water! He is interested in holistic childhood development and exploration, and he likes to think about how different people learn best. He is looking forward to sharing his wilderness skills with the Bears.


Originally from rural New Hampshire, Jera  has been attending and loving Glen Brook since the age of 2. With a lifelong connection to the camp, Jera brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for creating meaningful experiences for campers. Their goal is to inspire personal growth, promote environmental mindfulness, and foster a strong sense of community. Jera is excited to be guiding the Falcons for the first time this year. Their dedication to Camp Glen Brook and their commitment to the campers’ well-being make them a grateful member of the Glen Brook community. 

Joseph is returning once more as a Falcon Leader. He has had lots of experience at Camp Glen Brook over the years as a camper, CIT and counselor. This, in addition to his 12 years in a Waldorf school have provided him with all the inspiration and practice to help cultivate and provide an immersive and meaningful experience for the Falcons this summer. His own interests include playing the guitar and cello, as well as photography and generally being outside. He looks forward to welcoming your teenagers into Falcon camp this summer and to provide a safe environment for them to push themselves and experience the outdoors in a way they have never had the chance to before.


Maiya Clark will be returning this summer as the CIT mentor. Including their years as a camper, this will be their 11th summer at Glen Brook. This summer they are excited to meet the new cows and lambs and is honored to guide a new team of CITs as they enter the professional world.

Head Counselor:

After spending the last ten summers in the lake and forests of Glen Brook as a camper, CIT, and counselor, Maia George is excited to return this year as Head Counselor to nurture a sense of community amongst the campers and staff. She looks forward to supporting staff in cultivating a deep appreciation for curiosity, community, and a sense of place, just like her past counselors have done for her. Since last summer, Maia has been studying Early Childhood Education at UVM and is excited to apply her new knowledge to her position at camp. Most of all, she can’t wait to fall asleep under the stars again, surrounded by curious minds and chirping crickets. 


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