Life-changing and Lasting Experiences

The more I learn about the complex issues troubling our world, the more convicted I am that the work happening here at Glen Brook is of significant importance. I have spoken with hundreds of campers, counselors, students, gappers, families, and alumni who have come to Glen Brook. They consistently share that the experience they have here is important and life-changing in lasting ways. I spend a lot of my time thinking about why exactly that is, and how to support more people to have life-changing growth opportunities here.

 When people come to Glen Brook they experience a diverse community that is focused on authentic connection through work, play, music, and art. Moreover, we work intentionally on conflict resolution when difficulties arise. People, of all ages, fall in love with the land here through the majestic beauty of Mount Monadnock, and through the many gifts and mysteries that come from our farm, fields, forests, and animals. I take heart imagining a world in which everybody has the opportunity to cultivate love and compassion for other people and for the natural world in such joyful and vibrant ways. I am grateful that more people than ever are spending time at Glen Brook. This kind of experience has the power to transform our world.

 Mark Stehlik, Summer Camp and School Programs Director


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