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Garden City Trips

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Waldorf School of Garden City Class Trip Curriculum Guide

As an educational facility of The Waldorf School of Garden City, we welcome grades 3-12 every year. These week-long programs dovetail their Waldorf Education with Camp Glen Brook’s unique offerings.

Following is an overview of what each Garden City class trip to Glen Brook focuses on. These focus areas are balanced with the rhythm of daily chores around the kitchen and animals, work periods to improve and maintain the Camp, and free time to relax and play.

Here is a video that speaks a little bit to the importance of the sense of place established over the years at Glen Brook:

Curriculum Topics by Grade

Farming and food preparation: students work on the farm planting and harvesting vegetables, take care of the animals, grind wheat, make bread, churn butter, and enjoy a harvest meal. Students also explore the forest and build shelters, building comfort and confidence for living in the outdoors.

Animals: Students explore the forest and learn about the many animals we have living here. Students learn to walk like the fox, look like the owl, listen like the deer, and use their skills to observe the outdoors.

Botany: The outdoors of Northern New England is the fifth grader’s classroom as students explore the woods, animals, and open fields. They learn about soils, compost, and plant identification.

Astronomy & Geology: Sixth graders visit geologic attractions in the area, and spend time looking at the night sky after hearing ancient constellation stories.

Teamwork: the students participate in group challenges in preparation for going on the high ropes course.

This intensive week in the outdoors is an opportunity for students to engage the body and the will to empower themselves with skills and making new connections. Activities involve building structures for Camp, iron forging, cooking, wood splitting, fire building, and forestry.

Colonial American History: Students live and learn the diverse activities that made up life in colonial New England – from maple sugaring (at the Camp’s sugarhouse), to stone wall building, woodwork and construction technique, and handicrafts.

These students come to Glen Brook for a three-day trip to start the school year. Hiking Gap Mountain, swimming in the lake, eating delicious food, getting to know your “buddy” in the other class, and having time to meet new classmates is mixed in with class meetings and preparation for the coming year.

High Ropes Instruction & Outdoor Living: The full ropes course imparts in students the opportunity to build numerous essential skills: clear communication, trust, physical limits, and honesty. Students also engage in an outdoor expedition, camping and hiking or canoeing in our region.

Expedition: Students spend three on an expedition in New Hampshire, cooking their own meals, hiking or canoeing, and camping in tents. Enjoy this video made from a particularly rainy 10th grade trip to the White Mountains:

Cartography & Orienteering: Students learn a history of cartography, from the Chinese to the Basques to the Explorers to the Modern Era. They also learn practical, hands-on orienteering skills. The “final exam” consists of small groups of students using their newly-learned skills to navigate their way through the woods on a 5- to 7-mile course.

Transitions: From high school to college, from childhood to adulthood, the week at Glen Brook seeks to develop a sense of personal responsibility in this exciting time. This winter trip also affords a time to explore Glen Brook in a whole different season with ice skating, sledding, cross country skiing, and winter outdoor adventures.
A large group of campers smiling at the camera on a hike on top of a mountain.