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Class Trips

Campers posing together at the top of a mountain

Camp Glen Brook is the New Hampshire campus of the Waldorf School of Garden City, located in Garden City, Long Island. We offer week-long trips for each of WSGC’s 3rd- through 12th-grades throughout the fall, winter, and spring.

We partner with schools to deliver a wide variety of nature-based educational experiences to their students, and delight in tailoring our programming to each teacher’s goals.

It is just as important to excitedly dash through the trees at play as it is to quietly sit and watch the forest. Students come to Glen Brook to fall in love with the natural world through hands-on experiences that engage their curious minds, active bodies, and generous hearts.

Campers walking through the woods looking at nature
Campers examining the forest plants.

Recommended Age Group: Any!

  • Explore the New England woods, meadows, wetlands, ponds and brooks, both on rambles and hikes as well as through structured games.
  • Learn to track and trail wildlife, whether it be deer through fall’s leaf-litter or coyotes across the snows of winter
  • Study Botany, Geology, or Astronomy through nature games, art projects, and meaningful work projects on Glen Brook land

In this program, students will experience the life of a small, diversified New England farm no matter what season they visit: preparing the soil and the greenhouse in spring, harvesting autumn’s bounty, or boiling maple sap to make syrup!

Campers hanging out with sheep.
Little piglets in the barn.

Recommended Age Group: 3rd or 4th Grade

  • Participate in the daily care of our barn animals
  • Learn about forestry and maple sugaring
  • Help with our organic and biodynamic garden and compost
  • Keep the farmstead going with all the chores of the day: fencing maintenance, planting and harvesting in season, and cleaning
  • Enjoy the bounty of our land: churn butter, press apple cider, spin and weave wool, grind grain, and bake bread.

Challenge your students with day-trips or multi-day expeditions across the New England region.

A camper hiking in the mountains.
Campers climbing down rocks in the mountains.

Recommended Age Group: 5th Grade and Up

  • Base-camp at Glen Brook’s tent platforms, surrounded by majestic white pines and hemlock trees
  • Backpack across the hills and mountains of New Hampshire using our supply of backpacking gear
  • Canoe the lakes and rivers of our region
  • Learn to build fires, cook outdoors, and craft what you need from the forest while learning the skills of effective leadership and teamwork.

Our staff is proud of the transformational impact of our group challenges and high-ropes course.

A camper on the high ropes course.
Campers climbing on the high ropes course.

Recommended Age Group:

Challenges—5th grade and up; High ropes—7th grade and up

  • Build both individual confidence and a harmonious team
  • Challenge your class with group initiatives and team-building games
  • Push past perceived limits on the ropes course with ladders, bridges and obstacles high in the treetops.
  • Learn the safe use of climbing equipment.

Food & Dining

We employ a single chef to prepare all our meals during school visits—mostly from scratch and using, wherever possible, organic or locally-grown ingredients. We are proud of our delicious, wholesome food, and proud to serve real food, some of which is grown on our land or from people and places we know.

Pizzas being fired in a wood burning stove.


We can often avoid using certain ingredients for severe allergies. Nonetheless, in cases of severe allergies and sensitivities, we ask that you supply our chef with prepared foods — not mixes — that can be simply warmed up and served, along with special directions as needed. Please contact us with specific questions!

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