The Glen Brook Journal Has Arrived

by Mark Stehlik
January 25, 2021

Our Winter Glen Brook Journal was sent out last month! if you didn’t get it and would like to join our mailing list, click here. You can download full journal here, including a featured interview with David White on Glen Brook’s history.

From the interview:

“When I was a camper and staff member, we had the tradition to do Tuesday or Wednesday hikes. We made two trips to Mount
Monadnock during the summer, and this was of course when the summer camp was eight weeks long. The first trip would be up
by the Halfway House Trail, where you could literally drive halfway up the mountain. We walked up, and then Mr. Harrer came up
with a truck and the bug juice and so forth, then we climbed the rest of the way up to the summit. The other trail we used was the
Marlborough Trail. That was supposedly the easiest of all the trails. When it was time to come down, Mrs. Harrer would pick up a
mirror and do a heliographing from camp. We’d watch for her flashes, and that was our cue to start down the mountain. We also
went to Pitcher Mountain, or Blueberry Mountain, and came back with bucketfulls of blueberries, and we’d have blueberry
pancakes the next day and a blueberry pie for dessert for dinner. ”



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