Winter’s Promise

It’s no surprise that our programming calendar mirrors the seasons here in New Hampshire.  Late winter sap runs get our work flowing, but it’s not until our slow-budding Spring fully blooms that our back-to-back weeks begin.  Summer, of course, is bursting with activity—in the forests, in the gardens, and in the Rec Hall.  Fall’s colors bring a multi-colored array of arrivals and departures, from weddings to school groups to the gappers.

And then, we are back to the quiet of Winter.  The earth tucked in under a downy blanket of snow, the quiet songs of cardinals and chickadees, hours-long games of hockey on the pond, whooping from all hillsides as children race on sleds, shouts of glee as skiers or snow-shoers pick up the fox trail after losing it in the forest…

Wait, the peace and quiet of Winter?  Sure, sometimes.  But just as often the wintertime is a season of bounding play as much as any summer.  If you like to slip and slide, it can be even more fun.  Imagine!  We revel in what the frosted forest has to offer, and are thrilled to share it with anyone willing to don stout boots, thick mittens, and a warm cap.  Don’t worry, if you do enough sled runs you’ll take that warm jacket off in no time.

It’s hard to pack more excitement and activity into 5 days than we do at Winter Camp.  I remember well my first week of non-stop play, and it’s that week that inspired me to start working here 12 years ago.  Whether you’ve already fallen in love with Winter, or are wondering what all the fuss is about, come to Glen Brook for the snowy season and I promise you, it will keep you coming back for more.


-Jake Lewis


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