Spring has Sprung

On March 20th we celebrated International Earth day, on the Spring Equinox. The founder of the day John McConnell, a Colorado man, dedicated it to “Drawing together peoples of all nations, cultures, and religions to advance Peace, Justice, and Earth Care.” So what does the Earth have to do with world peace? It seems there is a direct connection being made between the earth and humanity, as if implying that ones harmony requires the others.

 Seedlings getting ready for summer sun
Seedlings getting ready for summer sun

Camp Glen Brooks mission has a similar sentiment: “At the core of all our activities is a belief in the inherent need in the human spirit to connect with one another and the natural world through work and play”. So though it may often seem like the modern world is pulling us away from it, we ARE part of the natural world. Our disconnection from the other parts of it can have devastating results on both it and us.

With spring coming in we are already gearing up towards summer. Spring cleaning, greenhouse planting, taking care of the grounds…all of these things take place in the spring but with the scent of summer in our noses. Summer is a time when the Glen Brook community is in full swing and we mend our relationship with the earth and each other. We do this through daily stewardship of the land and constant mindfulness and intentionality towards our footprint on our world. Staff and campers alike spend real time being outdoors and having a connection to the soil through gardening, hiking, canoeing, camping and many other daily activities. When we come together every night to sing together, we are not just a group of people together. We are strengthening a bond with the ground below us and the stars above. In those small moments, instead of thinking about our relationship to the earth, it simply feels like we are a part of it.


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