San Diego 8th Grade

The Waldorf School of San Diego’s 8th grade was with us for the past two weeks for their graduation trip. Some highlights of this trip included:

  • Stewardship: the class helped to take care of our farm. Weeding in Gabriel’s Field, mulching the newly renovated herb garden for the kitchen, spreading biodynamic preparations over our pastures, gardens, and greenhouse, and taking care of our animals and gathering eggs for the kitchen.
  • Adventure & Challenge: The class participated in our full high ropes course, and we were impressed with the way they worked to learn how to tie knots, belay each other, and challenge themselves at height. The also went on a four-day canoe trip down the Connecticut River where they experienced the full variety of weather and bugs that New England has to offer in the spring time.
  • Play & Music: this class knows how to play! From capture the flag in the woods, to sticks and stones in the meadow and swimming and boating in the pond, and countless play opportunities in between, this class knew how to make the most of this beautiful outdoor place. And as we’re always media free, the class spent the evenings chatting and singing songs with Corey Wrinn, one of our favorite lead camp singers!
  • History: the class not only spent time in our farm house from 1776 and living off the land that has been around for millennia, but spent the last three days of the trip in Boston. From a walking tour to a harbor cruise, they learned a lot about the rich history of the northeast.

Here are a few photos from our time together. We hope to see some of these students back for Summer Camp, a Gap Semester, or something else in the future!


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