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Rooted in the values and principles of Waldorf education.

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Our small size that encourages a close-knit community.

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Wholesome food and wonderful learning opportunities.

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Our Mission

Glen Brook’s mission is to nurture a sense of personal responsibility for the world around us – our personal living spaces, our towns and cities, and the natural environment as a whole. At the core of all our activities is a belief in the inherent need in the human spirit to connect with one another and the natural world through work and play; to work creatively for both artistic pleasure and to solve problems of social importance; and to project a sense of compassion and responsibility toward all living things.

Glen Brook’s diverse programs encourage this mission in numerous ways: through arts and music; through outdoor adventure and exploration; and through the daily care of a small farm in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Our programs strive for the care of our resources in ways both large and small: the health of our forests, fields, and waters is as important as the orderliness of our broom closets; the respect we afford one another is as vital as the wholesomeness of the food we eat. In all that we do, we aim to leave the world a little better than the way we found it.

Waldorf Meets Camp Weaving Waldorf education with New England camping since 1946

At Glen Brook we create a community that values creativity, compassion and stewardship. Glen Brook has grown to include programs for all ages, year-round. Glen Brook is a place where children and adults can step out of the busyness of their daily schedules, leave technology behind and settle into the rhythm and joys of nature. A place to play whole-heartedly, engage in creative endeavors, work together with purpose, share farm-fresh meals, and sing around the campfire under the bright evening stars.

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Our Mission Glen Brook is a place where your body, mind and spirit can be renewed.

Glen Brook’s Mission is to nurture a sense of personal responsibility for the world around us. At the core of all our activities is a belief in the inherent need in the human spirit to connect with one another and the natural world through work and play. By practicing creativity, compassion and stewardship we aim to leave the world better than we found it.

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The Waldorf Philosophy at Glen Brook

Camp Glen Brook follows the educational aims and goals advocated by the philosopher and educator Rudolf Steiner as carried out by many Waldorf schools throughout the world.

In August 1919, Steiner addressed a group of parents saying that children would need never-seen-before skills to navigate the complex world that was emerging from industrialized societies.

Waldorf education nourishes the development of a balanced, well-rounded person through the active engagement of head, heart and hands. We stress the arts because they encourage creativity. We share stories because they feed the imagination. We teach main lessons and camp activities because they encourage thinking and curiosity about the world. We take campers into the outdoors to make them joyful, comfortable, and knowledgeable about nature and our planet. We have crafts and woodworking, canoeing and swimming, camping and hiking because they engage the will.

These activities, led by an enthusiastic and experienced staff, make Glen Brook the ideal atmosphere for nourishing children to become responsible and engaged citizens of this increasingly complex world. Our philosophy acknowledges an underlying spiritual foundation of the world and we accept that each of us has a spiritual core to be recognized and nurtured. We begin each meal with words of thanksgiving and we gather on Sundays for a time of offering and thanksgiving (nondenominational). Camp Glen Brook is non-sectarian and families of all faiths are welcome.

Glen Brook's History

The Penacook People of the Abanaki Nation inhabited the lands of Camp Glen Brook in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire before European settlers arrived.

Since 1776 when Jedediah and Mary Tayntor arrived by oxcart Glen Brook has been the home of farmers and craftsmen, legislators, artists, and teachers.

In 1946, the 200-acre Glen Brook Farm, was purchased by William Harrer, a teacher from The Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan, as a place for school children to spend summers away from the city. Students and teachers from many other schools and places soon began to arrive.

In 1973, through the generosity of William Harrer and Peter Curran, the Waldorf School of Garden City acquired Camp Glen Brook. Shortly after Glen Brook began providing outdoor educational opportunities for school groups during the school year.

Since then Glen Brook has grown to offer a winter camp, family programs, a gap semester for young adults and adult weekends for the general public, welcoming people from across the nation and around the world.

We grow most of our produce, meat, and eggs on our farm

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