Below is a small sampling of responses from family members about our Winter Camp:

"The moment they got in the car from pick both boys said 'I definitely want to go back next year!'"

"Her counselors are amazing. She can't wait to go back this summer!!!"

"The quality of people my children were involved with on a daily basis is the highest priority and one that I have always found more than adequately met at the camp. The variety of activities is fantastic with a nice balance of outdoors and indoors, adrenaline pumping sledding to community sing alongs and quieter down time. Also the quality of food is another strong consideration and Glen Brook has always met that expectation, the children love the food and its of the best quality."

"Liam LOVED his experience and felt very at ease immediately. I personally love the free range that the kids have rather than a too hemmed in sense of caution. A little bit of risk allowed seems just what kids this age appreciate--and gain from. Bravo."

"My impression is that the staff is so well suited--both offering guidance, warmth & kindness and a playful sense of adventure. Liam adored Jake."

"We are Californians. Needless to say the extreme winter conditions of this camp were truly a wonder to behold for Harry. He has not stopped regaling us with stories from camp. I believe he has just now, 3 weeks later, stopped singing the songs. But not entirely!! Outstanding experience all around...we'll be back!!"

"My son came back from Winter Camp a beautiful soul. Kind, caring, loving and respectful. Camp provides him with caring, kind, anthroposophical male role models that he desperately needs in his life."

"My child came back and wrote a song on the guitar. She seems to have grown over a week and is more independent. She bonded to her friends, and even to classmates who had been less close to her before. Thank you for a winter experience that she simply could not have had on Long Island."

"Glen Brook is an amazing place. My daughter loves the camp, it's counselors, the food is amazing and she loves every minute and can't wait to go back each time--both winter and summer!"