Below is a small sampling of responses from family members about Summer Camp at Glen Brook:

"Upon pick-up our daughter immediately asked, 'Can I stay for six weeks next year?' What better promotion could your camp ask for?"

"Our son is more independent since returning from camp. I have quietly watched him do things by himself that he needed help with prior to attending Camp Glen Brook. The experience of being under an umbrella of trusted adults, the wonderment of the camp experience and being away from home seemed to really help him grow."

"The joy that Camp Glen Brook brings to the hearts and minds of my two children cannot be put into words."

"Our daughter had a wonderful time. She came back centered, confident, happy and glowing. She's been gentle and helpful — all evidence to us that she was surrounded by great people, and inspired by her experience."


"The counselors are role models, family and friend in just the right balance. Every year it is the counselors that are referenced most affectionately and frequently in the retelling of the experience."

"We love that our son is singing, moving, making things, reading, and being in nature. We love that he's surrounded by people who care and kids who know how to have fun in the outdoors."

"We were all pleasantly surprised at how easily and quickly our child took to Glen Brook. He seemed to love his bunkmates for the most part, his counselors and the activities. We were expecting homesickness and resistance to camp life but got just the opposite."

"The Waldorf philosophy is manifest in such a natural, inclusive, and family way — we weren't looking for that, but it has been the most lovely surprise."

"Our daughter came home full of security. She overcame some tough moments and was in touch with a new-found strength within herself. Thank you for creating a space for this to happen!"

"We have been sending our children to this camp for six years. The counselors have improved every year... They are in tune with and interested in the children. They are fun, adventurous, smart, nice, caring and safe. We are very appreciative of the entire staff at the camp and are very thankful for the work the counselors do." 

"This was a life-changing experience for our ten-year-old! Thank you so much; everything was magical for him. We trusted the camp, and although it was hard to not speak to him for three weeks, the letters we received were so lovely; he was excited everyday. There was no way we could provide these experiences at home. He was courageous to go to his first year of sleep-away camp and we could not have expected better. Beyond our wildest dreams."

"We love Camp Glen Brook for all that it is. Waldorf-inspired, with a strong farm-to-table backbone; art, nature, creative, skills-based... We love that so much time is spent in the water, creating rituals of singing and dancing and celebrating, building friendships. We appreciate especially the trust we have in the camp directors and their choice of staff."

"The quality of the people that spend time with my children is the first and highest priority for me. The creativity, ability to transition from friend to play-mate to authority figure that reigns in any misbehavior is always present in the counselors. Their friendliness, enthusiasm and professional demeanor, apparent in their language and attitude, is very present and appreciated. The quality of food, the ability to be involved with their food and the dining experience is excellent. It is a like a large family, with a mindfulness of those eating with you, appreciating the food, taking part in clearing and setting the table, encouraged conversation that allows for everyone to get to know each other and to share experiences of their day; everything meal-time should be."

"Your outstanding staff is what makes the camp so special. Our daughter felt that the staff nurtured both her independence and her ability to work with others. The quality of the outdoor experiences and trips was amazing and she found new challenges and interests. The time the campers are given to slow down and reflect on their experiences is also unique to this camp. We love that not every moment is scheduled and there is ample time for reading, rest, and just being together."

"My child came home asking for a broom. I can't stress enough the importance of positive, mature role models who are skilled in making everyone feel included. She feels so at home at Glen Brook. Returning to some of the same activities is helpful; she regretted not trying some things last year but was able to do them this year. It really boosted her self-confidence. Glen Brook culture provides for a safe milieu where kids can try new things."

"The idea that our daughter could be capable at physical outdoor activities was very empowering for her. I think this confidence in trying things out of her comfort zone will be carried out of Glen Brook. I have no idea exactly how you do it but she got more out of this than any other summer program and I only wish we had sent her when she was younger."