As an educational facility of The Waldorf School of Garden City, we welcome grades 3-12 every year.  These week-long programs dovetail their Waldorf Education with Camp Glen Brook's unique offerings.  Click here for the 3rd-12th grade curriculum guide for the Garden City School Trips.

In addition, we curate school programs of varying lengths for other schools. Below are descriptions of some of the programs we offer. Contact us to explore a program for your class here at Camp Glen Brook.

Glen Brook is situated on 250 acres of mixed-use woods and fields with two streams and a spring-fed pond. This region of Southwest New Hampshire, the Monadnock region (named for the area's highest and most visible peak), is an outdoorsman's paradise, offering many hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, camping, and whitewater and flat water paddling.  Many groups stay at camp to canoe on our pond, learn archery, play tennis, do some handwork, cook and bake, build shelters in the woods.  Some older groups venture further afield for day trips or wilderness trips.  Following are a few programs that we currently offer:

Introduction to Farming

Introduce students to farming by caring for our barn animals (sheep, chickens, rabbits, pigs), visiting a nearby working dairy farm, learning about forestry and maple sugaring, helping with our organic and biodynamic garden and compost, observing an active hive of honeybees, and experiencing the work on the farmstead and in the farm home--keeping up fences, planting and harvesting in season, making butter, apple cider and ice cream, spinning and weaving wool, grinding grain and baking bread in our wood-fired oven.

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Wilderness Trips

Explore the beauty of the New England Wilderness by base-camping on Glen Brook's tent platforms, or by backpacking or canoeing over a distance, carrying your food and cooking over the fire.  Learn "hard skills" of canoeing, fire building, camp cooking, and wood craft along with the skills of effective leadership and teamwork.  Join us to paddle down the Connecticut River, hike in the White or Green Mountains, and wonder at the beauty of the natural world.

Enjoy this video from our 10th Grade Trip to the White Mountains in 2015


Confidence Ropes Course

Build individual confidence and a harmonious team beginning with group initiatives, progressing through team-building on low elements, and culminating with work on the high course of ladders, bridges and obstacles high in the treetops. Participants will also learn safe use of climbing equipment.The low ropes course is suitable for grades four through high school. The high ropes course is suitable for grades seven through adult.

Nature Immersion, Botany, and Ecology of Woodland Biomes

Explore the New England woods, meadows, wetlands, ponds and brooks, and the rich abundant flora and fauna that live here. This experience can be tailored for any grade level and focus area the teacher wishes. While sighting wildlife on cue is nearly impossible, here at camp we have sighted foxes, coyotes, deer, moose, black bear, weasels, beavers, pileated woodpeckers, and owls, as well as the more common animals and birds.

We focus on nature connection and immersion-- it is just important to excitedly run and play games dashing through the trees as it is to quietly sit and watch the forest.  Students come to Glen Brook to fall in love with the natural world our forests, and the animals that live there.

Surveying, Mapping, and Orienteering

Learn elementary land surveying using instruments, draw maps, and use a compass and topographical map to navigate through surrounding woods and fields.Our five-day course teaches the history and fundamentals of navigation and mapmaking. Students learn cartography through practical experience, navigating in the woods with map and compass. The course culminates in a five- to seven-mile trek through the woods that finishes at the camp.

Earth Science and Astronomy

Explore the rocks and formative geological processes, visit a quarry and boulder caves, hike one of our wonderful nearby mountains for an hour to a day, or perhaps take a side trip to the Shelburne Falls area. With plenty of advanced notice we can even set up an overnight trip to the White Mountains. At night take advantage of our excellent telescopes, the 8" Celestron and the 12" computer controlled Meade. Especially for suburban students, let them see the awesome canopy of the night sky as they have rarely seen it.

Winter Trips

Enjoy New England with sledding and skating on our hillsides and pond, use our cross-country skis or snow-shoes and explore the forest, go to a nearby ski mountain for a day of lessons and downhill skiing, drink warm cider by the wood stove while playing charades, hire a folk dance caller for an evening, help on our farm, or take a day trip to the museums of Boston.

Food and Special Diets

We employ a single chef to prepare all our meals during school visits and conferences — mostly from scratch and using, wherever possible, organic or locally-grown ingredients. Because of the complexity of this system, and because our chef works alone, we cannot always accommodate special diets such as sensitivities to gluten, dairy, nuts, and legumes. (When we serve meat, we always provide a vegetarian option.)

We can often avoid using certain ingredients for severe allergies. Nonetheless, in cases of severe allergies and sensitivities, we ask that you supply our chef with prepared foods — not mixes — that can be simply warmed up and served, along with special directions as needed. Please contact us with specific questions: