Our Mission

We believe that each of us must unleash our authentic identity, create interdependent capacities, and develop our wholeness to face the challenges of our time.

Learning the Art of Personal Responsibility

Working on the world begins with working on ourselves. How can we treat others—human and non-human—with respect if we don’t first treat ourselves with respect? The Art of Personal Responsibility is the wild and transformative art of remembering, over and over, with each mundane or tremendous moment, your significance.

By Sustaining That Which Sustains Us

Our lives are sustained by a deeply relational web: to our friends and families, to the laborers that build the things we use, to the land and waters from which our food grows.  Stewardship is the primary way that we understand viscerally all that we are connected to. Through the work of our bodies and our hands, we can learn to see our selves as made up of the world—and in turn, see our role in making up the world.

By Delving into Our Wild Human Nature

We are responsible for the more-than-human world; we don’t own it, we owe it.  In understanding our physical, functional relationship to the wild world—food, water, air, shelter— we also begin reckoning with our wholeness as human beings, and where our wholeness has been compromised. Our human nature is reflected in wild nature; it’s how we evolved, after all.

Acknowledging What We See

We recognize that we share a troubled world dominated by a narrative of interpenetrating historical systems and institutions that silence, oppress, and exploit myriad beings on this planet.

We acknowledge that we—as white, cis-gender, able-bodied individuals; and in particular as members of the industries of outdoor education, experiential education, and gap years—benefit disproportionately from these culturally-determined stories.

The more we learn about these stories, the more we find grief alongside our wonder.  This grief, in many ways, is our starting point as educators. It fuels our personal and professional dedication to whole-person education, to becoming evolving agents of reconciliation and wholeness in this divided and suffering world.

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