Serving Delicious, Home-Grown, Home-Cooked meals.

Camp Glen Brook serves incredible food.  We have re-appropriated the term "camp food"-- we believe in the kind of healthy, whole foods that your grandparents used to eat-- we enjoy the pleasure of eating from the garden along with the moral satisfaction of doing the right thing for ourselves and the planet.

Here you often get to thank the chickens who laid your breakfast eggs, harvest the vegetables for your lunch-time soup and salad and pick the fruits that will go into the evening's dessert.  Meals at Glen Brook are a healthy and creative endeavor thanks to our farmers' and chef's leadership and love, and we eat them family-style.  That means we all sit, talk, and eat together in celebration of our community around the table.

Glen Brook helps children and adults connect with how delicious wholesome food can be, while allowing us to contribute to the health and stability of local agriculture, local communities, and ultimately the planet as a whole.

Concerns about the social, political, economic, and environmental viability of rural and local communities is part of why Glen Brook’s program is so necessary at this moment in our history. Food ties us to all these issues and brings all these disparate forces together.  We look forward to sitting down with you over some delicious food where we can talk more about it.