Our Farm Animals


At Glen Brook we care deeply about and for our farm animals.  Animals are an integral part of our farm for many reasons, including the following:

  • We love to be with them and care for them with young people.
  • We enjoy sharing work and teaching the values and benefits of work in the barnyard.
  • We value wholesome, biodynamic and organic foods including pasture-raised meats
  • Our animals improve the fertility of the land that we steward.

We seek to care for our animals throughout their lives with the utmost respect, integrity and love.  Specifically:

  • We get to know them individually, both for fun and to ensure that we are well aware of their physical health and needs.
  • We give them access to pastures as early and as late in the season as possible, utilizing rotational grazing techniques to insure animal and land health.
  • When we slaughter an animal we do so with reverence and gratitude, and seek the most humane ways available to us.  

We are visited each year by hundreds of meat-eaters.  As we strive to meet our new goal, to only serve meat that comes from our farm, we serve smaller portions of high quality meat compared to the average American diet.  This encourages meat eaters to question and explore their relationship with meat, raising awareness and dialogue about the impacts of eating meat.

This article, The Economics of the Small-Scale, Self Sufficient Farm by Henning Sehmsdorf, which was published in the 2013 Stella Natura Biodynamic Planting Calendar, eloquently describes our goals here at Camp Glen Brook.