6th Grade Trip

Our Waldorf School of Garden City's 6th grade class was here for the week. A main focus of their time was astronomy: the students did observations of constellations with the naked eye, and of planets, stars, and galaxies with telescopes. We were grateful to have a chance to visit the Dublin School's Perkins Observatory to learn from their expertise and use their equipment.  We visited and explored the many caves and tunnels at the local Bear Den natural area, practiced and learned fire building, and explored the Glen Brook woods.  The students helped care for the farm and facility by raking leaves, pruning trees along our pasture edges, and moving firewood.  It was a wonderful week, and we look forward to seeing these students and many of you at the Fall Fair tomorrow!

3rd Grade Class Trip

It was a big week here at Glen Brook. Our third grade from the Waldorf School of Garden City came for their first annual trip. It was wonderful to see these students come to feel at home at Glen Brook, and to try so many new activities. In the garden, students mulched, harvested tomatoes and sunflower seeds, shelled and sorted beans, and cleaned garlic. They learned about and helped to take care of all our farm animals, and we visited a nearby dairy barn to meet their cows and help milk one.  On Thursday the students made an entire delicious meal for themselves and for the gappers: stew, bread, butter, and apple cider followed by apple crisp and ice cream. It was a well made feast! They also spent time exploring the forest and building shelters with the available forest materials. We ended the week with a bonfire at the granite ring with singing and some hilarious skits, and a chance to do some stargazing before bed.

We look forward to seeing these students again soon-- whether for their fourth grade trip as a class, or perhaps at Winter CampSummer Camp, or a Family Program!


10th Grade Class Trip

The Waldorf School of Garden City's 10th Grade just finished their Glen Brook trip to the White Mountains. It was a fun, challenging, and beautiful adventure, and we were delighted to see students supporting each other and challenging themselves.  The students backpacked over three peaks, taking weather measurements along the way as a part of their meteorology block.  They were also delighted to return to camp to swim, shower, and delight in a nice warm bed after a few nights on the trail.

70th Reunion Celebration

This weekend was an incredible opportunity to experience the breadth of Glen Brook's impact on people throughout its 70 years. With representatives from every decade of the Camp's history, we were so grateful for the opportunity to come together, share stories, look at archives, and enjoy the beautiful weather and classic camp activities.

With stewardship as one of our core values, it is vital and energizing to connect with the generations who have stewarded this place before, and look toward the next generation who will continue and improve upon the great legacy and values of a place that is loved by so many.

Orientation Trip

Each year, the Waldorf School of Garden City's first-years and seniors start the school year with a combined trip to Glen Brook.  In addition to reconnecting with old classmates and meeting new ones, the students had a chance to be paired with a buddy in the other class, help with the stewardship of our beautiful facilities and grounds, hold class meetings, swim in the pond, play games, and hike Mount Monadnock.  It is a big year for both classes, and we hope that this trip helped start off a wonderful year.

Falcon Backpacking Trip

The Falcons returned from their four-day backpacking trip in the White Mountains with a few beautiful photos to share. They managed to avoid the rain for their entire trip, and summited several beautiful mountains including the Franconia Ridge mountains. They came back sweatier and smellier than ever, and eager to put on costumes and join the dance that evening. Having had a day to recoup and settle in, they’re now off on their 24-hour solos.