Isabella is Nurse Katy's Bergamasco Sheep Dog, born in 2005. 

Isabella's breed was created for minding sheep and goats in the high, windy, wild hills of Ancient Persia (present day Iran).  She takes her job as the camp shepherd very seriously...well, when she's not sleeping under a bush.  Isabella likes to herd campers when they are running around too much, and will bark and leap to show her concern.  All she really needs is some reassurance that everyone is safe.

Isabella is usually found wherever Nurse Katy is.  She has her own role in the Health Room offering the relaxing opportunity to pet her. Isabella is hypoallergenic since she has hair, not fur. She enjoys having her dread locks (flocks) braided, and her belly rubbed.  She is sometimes called a mop dog, and her long coat truly does mop up dirt, sand and mud as she strolls along.  She also has her own very unique smell, which some people don't mind, and others do!

If you want to take Isabella for a walk, you can try, but she's not much for leashes...or walks when there is a cool bush to lie under.