Health Care Provider
Location: Marlborough, NH

Every summer we hire one Health Care Provider to oversee the health and well-being of the entire camp.  This individual is responsible for all health needs of the camp population for the week of Staff Training  and the six weeks of camp.  Camp population includes campers ages 9-17, summer staff, and year round staff.

The position of Health Care Provider involves treatment of injury and illness.  Standing orders are received from Cheshire Medical Center in nearby Keene, NH.  Professional credentials for and experience in Western medicine and treatments are required.  In addition, a familiarity with and experience in homeopathy, herbal, and nutritional care, or a willingness to learn, is helpful as some camp families prefer treatments alternative to Western medicine.

The Health Care Provider is available 24 hours a day 6 days a week.  Coverage for a 24-day off is provided.  In addition to compensation, the Health Care Provider receives full room and wholesome board.

·      Participate in staff training the week prior to camp
·      Maintain a clean orderly environment for administering health care to the camp
·      Assess camp population for condition of health upon arrival at camp and administers care accordingly.
·      Document all incidents, illnesses, and treatments appropriately.
·      Refer to and arrange care with local community resources as needed.
·      Stock, store, and administer all medications to camp population per prescription requirements or OTC as needed.
·      Function as health and safety supervisor of camp per American Camping Association standards.
·      Maintain inventory of supplies, and assemble, check and issue first aid kits to areas in camp.
·      Work cooperatively with and communicate with all departments to ensure camp and camper safety throughout camp duration.
·      Maintain communication with camper population family as needed.
·      Comply with HIPAA
·      Functions as Health Care Provider during the day, and on call 24 hours a day except for weekly 24-hour day off.

Minimum Requirements

-Professional licensure for profession being practiced at Camp Glen Brook in the state of NH.
-First Aid knowledge and CPR certification
-The ability to lift 25 pounds
-Health care administration experience with pediatrics and adults.
-Must speak fluent English.
-Must be able to work with and advise any camp member in maintaining and improving health and safety.