Health Center Information

Camp Glen Brook has a residential nurse who oversees the health care of campers and staff. Our Health Center is a welcoming space where smiles and hugs are dispensed more often than pills. An 80-physician clinic and hospital are just 12 minutes away in Keene. Many families prefer alternative medicine and we can work with a naturopathic physician nearby if parents prefer.

Please click on these below links to read more about how we handle, and how you can help prepare for these two issues:

Homesickness     Tick and Mosquito-Borne Illness Prevention

Parent Notification of Camper Sickness, Injury or Behavioral Problems

Below is our policy for notification in the event your child becomes sick or injured during their stay at camp, or in the event that behavioral issues arise of which you need to be notified.

Bumps and scrapes, upset tummies and headaches are not unusual in camp. If you multiply your own child’s incidence of little things times 70 and throw in a little homesickness here and about, you can imagine that the nurse keeps quite busy most days. It just isn’t practical to conference with you every time we put on a Band-Aid or an icepack.

If a camper has just a quick bout of something routine or a bug we know is going around, or if it is a scrape, bump, bruise, or twist that just needs some cleaning, ice, a Band-Aid, and/or a little TLC and rest, we will not normally phone you.

We will phone you if your child sees a physician for any reason. Sometimes, especially if the problem is complex, the physician may wish to talk directly with you. Usually, in a non-emergency we will phone you before we go to the doctor.

We will also phone you if a minor condition lingers for several days, if there is an acute episode of a chronic condition (e.g. severe allergy, asthma attack, diabetic crisis), involves a high fever over 101 degrees, or is an injury or sickness beyond the ordinary day-to-day health room visit.

Normally, unless an emergency, the nurse will be making these phone calls in the evening, or early the next day if it is late at night. And, as always, the nurse, counselor, and directors are very willing to speak with you at any time.

If a child has extreme behavioral issues that are not responding to the counselors’ and directors’ attempts to help the camper thrive, we contact the parents to discuss other strategies and determine if the child will be able to continue at Camp for the rest of the session.