Farm to Table

Serving Delicious, Home-Grown, Wholesome Meals.

About Our Farm

Camp Glen Brook serves incredible food. We enjoy the pleasure of eating from the garden along with the moral satisfaction of doing the right thing for our visitors, our ecosystem and our planet. At Glen Brook you can thank the chickens who laid your breakfast eggs, harvest the vegetables for your lunch-time soup and salad and pick the fruits that will go into the evening’s dessert. Meals at Glen Brook are a healthy and creative endeavor thanks to our farmers’ and chef’s leadership and love.

Our Garden Gabriel's Field

Glen Brook’s biodynamic garden, Gabriel’s Field, is a source of amazing bounty and beauty. Campers and visiting students are involved in the garden at every level, from composting to planting, to transplanting seedlings, to weeding and harvesting. We notice that children eat more vegetables in the dining room as a result of being involved in this process.

We are grateful to the family and friends of Gabriel Kane who have supported the growth and development of our farm since 2013. Our farm thrives as a result of their love and generosity.

Our Animals

At Glen Brook, we care deeply about our farm animals who are an integral part of our farm.
  • We love to be with them and care for them with campers, students and visitors.
  • We enjoy sharing and teaching about work in the barnyard.
  • We value wholesome, biodynamic and organic foods including pasture-raised meats.
  • We are grateful for the way our animals improve the fertility of the land that we steward.
  • When we slaughter an animal, we do so with reverence and gratitude and seek the most humane ways available to us.