Farm Manager

Farm Manager Job Description

Position: Farm Manager
Location: Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough, NH

Dates: March 15- October 30th, with year-round opportunity available

General Responsibility

The Farm Manager at Camp Glen Brook is responsible for managing our gardens, including producing a wide range of organically and biodynamically grown vegetables and fruits and supplying them to the Glen Brook kitchen. The Farm Manager reports to the Executive Director.

Specific Responsibilities

  • GROWING: Work with the Culinary Director and Executive Director to plan the garden according to the needs of the Glen Brook kitchen. Growing vegetables early for summer camp and other educational programs will be prioritized. Work with the culinary director to create a plan for storage and preservation of farm goods.
  • CHICKENS: Manage and care for the two flocks of egg laying chickens. Feeding, watering, ordering food, cleaning coops, moving coops to fresh grass in the growing season, and setting up the winter chicken yard at the end of the season.
  • ORCHARD & BERRIES: Manage all fruit production.
  • EDUCATION: Work with the Summer Camp, School Programs and Gap Directors to arrange educational and stewardship-based opportunities for campers and students.
  • SAFETY: Ensure the safety of products coming from the garden, and in children’s interactions with the garden.
  • BIODYNAMICS: Be responsible for improving the spaces that are used for cropping by using biodynamic methods including, planting, cultivating and harvesting, when reasonable, according to the biodynamic calendar. Biodynamic field and compost preps suitable for spring and fall shall be applied.
  • GREENHOUSE: Manage all starts and greenhouse growing including maintenance and care of the greenhouse and greenhouse systems.
  • LAND MANAGEMENT: Improve long-term health of the growing spaces through practices like cover-cropping, mulching, composting, and no-till gardening.
  • MANAGING HELPERS: Hire and manage garden assistant(s) including creating clear goals and expectations and regular opportunities to give and receive feedback.
  • BUDGET: Create and manage the garden budget including expenditure and income. Responsible for reducing the cost of food at Camp by producing large volumes of foodstuffs, selling surplus, storing foods, and potentially selling value-added products.
  • AESTHETICS: Care for the appearance of the farm, including odors, especially during special events like weddings. The farm must be tidy and well organized.
  • COMPOSTING: Manage the composting system at Glen Brook in conjunction with the Animal Manager, including composting the manure and bedding from livestock/poultry.
  • PRESERVING: Work with the Culinary Director to preserve vegetables and fruits from Glen Brook’s Garden for consumption at Camp and possible sale.
  • PR & FUNDRAISING: Advocate for the continued development and support of the farm and make presentations on its behalf as needed.

Community Work at Glen Brook

At Camp Glen Brook we value being a supportive community. When you become a staff person here you agree to do supportive work that is not always related to your specific role and expertise.  This work includes:

  • Participating in staff meetings
  • Participating in Friday morning Work Together times
  • Helping with occasional, big, time sensitive work that requires many hands.
  • Participating in occasional community gatherings (like a get-to-know-you potluck with our gap students) that may occur outside of normal work hours.
  • Share in meal chores (at least once a week) when sharing in meals at Glen Brook.

Minimum Qualifications

  • College degree (not specific to any field of study) or comparable life experience.
  • Significant experience with organic and biodynamic growing of vegetables, fruits, and flowers.
  • Experience managing staff
  • Ability to do significant physical work
  • Interest in being part of an educational organization
  • Ability and desire to work as part of a dynamic staff team
  • Valid driver’s license

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to lift material and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Working often in an outside environment with weather extremes
  • Involves precise use of machinery and hand tools

Salary & Benefits:

  • Competitive pay based on experience. Full-time work April 20 through October 30
  • Half time work March 15 – April 20.
  • Opportunity to grow into a full-time year-round position for the right applicant as we seek our long-term Farm Manager
  • On-Site housing is available
  • Meals are available free of charge when the kitchen is serving.

Salary: competitive pay based on experience

Visit www.glenbrook.org to learn more about Camp Glen Brook.

To apply, e-mail cover letter and resume to: sadie@glenbrook.org