Completed 9th & 10th grade

3-week sessions

Our Falcon Outdoor Leadership program instills in participants a sense of personal responsibility through wilderness experiences in northern New England and through stewardship of Glen Brook’s forest and farm landscape. The Falcon program runs independently from the rest of camp. A permanent campsite at Glen Brook is used as a base camp from which to plan and prepare for multi-day expeditions.

The program begins with teambuilding and each participant carving their own canoe paddle while preparing for a 4 – 5 day canoe expedition, where days are spent learning the fundamentals of paddling and camping and end with reflective practices such as music, art, and writing, and observing wildlife. The group returns to Glen Brook to debrief, regroup, and prepare to head out on their 4 – 5 day backpacking trip.

Falcon trips are rigorous yet no previous experience is required, and the leaders are careful to ensure that each participant is well prepared, safe, and a contributing member to the group’s progress. Preparation focuses on understanding the importance of adequate gear, the imperative of clear communication, first aid basics, and basic leadership skills.

The program culminates with the “Solo”, a pivotal experience, where each participant spends 24 hours in the woods at Glen Brook alone to reflect on the experiences of their explorations. Adventures often bring forth many new life lessons. The solo time is a time to think about how you can apply what you have experienced to your every day life.