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The information below is the most up to date info for the 2022 Summer Camp season. We are leaving these guidelines up to give you an idea of what we have done, and will update for 2023 in the spring.

For Winter Family Weekends, our 2022 protocols can be found here.

For Family Camp 2022, the below does not apply. at Family Camp we will be mask optional and will allow for space between families when dining.

Glen Brook continues to monitor the state of COVID-19. We will continue to be flexible and resourceful and use all available resources (CDC, NH state guidance, American Camping Association, and more) in developing our plans for the 2022 season. This page will continue to be dynamic and will be updated as information becomes available and any revisions are made. After an incredibly safe and joyous summer in 2021, we look forward to 2022!

While we recognize that COVID now feels like less of a threat to many people and that many communities are doing away with COVID precautions, we regard Glen Brook as a place where we must be especially vigilant. The consequences are too great, as a COVID outbreak at camp likely would end the season for all of us.

As in 2021, we want to provide campers with an experience that feels just as things did pre-COVID: without masks, cohorts, or restrictions on sharing indoor spaces. That means strongly encouraging that everyone is up to date on COVID vaccinations (including boosters, if eligible), testing, and taking precautions in the days leading up to camp.  We’ll be in touch later this spring with details of what we expect regarding testing, travel, and precautionary behavior in the 7–10 days before your child arrives at Glen Brook.

Pre-Arrival Requirements

Our focus is to ensure that camp operates safely in our residential community setting while still maintaining our mission. Pre-arrival requirements will be communicated ahead of time and posted here.

We will require each camper to provide proof of a negative PCR Covid Test taken within 3-5 days of their arrival to camp (unless you provide proof of a positive test in the past 90 days).  As an added precaution, we will ask campers and staff members to do everything they reasonably can to arrive at camp COVID-free. Consider wearing a mask indoors 7–10 days before camp to minimize the potential for COVID exposure and take precautions while traveling to camp. If your camper is exposed to COVID-19 in the 10 days before arrival, please give us a call to walk through the CDC guidelines.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Glen Brook is planning coordinated efforts to bring campers in safely to camp.

Like last year, we may use more detailed procedures on check in day to safely enter and exit campers. This may adjust our drop off times. You can find the specific dropoff times at the bottom of the parent resources page.

Plane or Train
For campers coming from afar, we ask that you handle your transportation directly to camp. Everyone coming to camp is required to follow CDC guidelines for safe travel and to create a travel plan that minimizes exposures to others.

What are your plans for COVID testing?

We will require each camper to provide proof of a negative PCR Covid Test taken within 3-5 days of their arrival to camp (unless you provide proof of a positive test in the past 90 days).

Glen Brook will likely continue to use arrival-day & day 5 COVID testing as a part of our 2022 plan for entry and admittance to camp, diagnostic (symptoms) and ongoing monitoring.  If used, Glen Brook will cover the costs of all COVID tests except the first, which you should have administered in the 3-5 days before Camp.

Please note that if your child has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days and since tested negative, we will perform an antigen test upon arrival to rule out the possibility of re-infection.

What happens if my child gets COVID at Camp?
If a camper or staff member is diagnosed with COVID during the session, they will immediately need to be isolated for 5 days. After day 5 they can either test negative and return to their bunk, or continue to mask indoors and sleep separately until day 10. Due to the isolation requirement, campers who test positive may well have to go home. This presents a number of challenges, most notably for campers coming from considerable distance. Glen Brook will have the means to keep campers safely at camp for as long as it takes for a parent or legal guardian to arrive.

What happens if another child gets COVID at Camp?
Campers who share a bunk room with the camper who tested positive are considered a close household contact.  We will implement daily antigen testing for the bunk mates of anyone who tested positive in the 5 days following the last close contact.

Will you require masks? In what settings?
We do not anticipate requiring masks unless a case of COVID is identified.

Have Additional Questions?

Reach out to us with any questions you may have!

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