Thank you for your interest in Glen Brook’s Counselor-in-Training Program. Our CIT program is a seven week intensive leadership training program for students who have completed 10th or 11th grade, with priority given to those qualified applicants who are at least 16 years old. 

The primary goals of the program are to help participants recognize themselves as leaders, teachers, and positive role models, and to understand what goes in to making camp an unforgettable experience for the young people in our care. CIT’s must enjoy working with children, embrace and work with the fun and challenge of intense community living, be willing to take initiative and work hard, be willing to give up many personal freedoms and comforts, display outstanding character, and be enthusiastic, creative, self-directed leaders.

The program begins one week before the campers arrive and runs for the full six-week camp season. CIT’s learn about camp counseling and education, assist in classes, help counselors care for campers, do many daily camp chores in the kitchen, dining room, grounds, farm, etc. and help organize some of the special activities.

CIT’s are chosen based on their application, experience, skills, certifications, recommendations, and sometimes an informal personal or phone interview. Most of our CIT’s are former campers, but it is not a strict requirement if an applicant brings other strengths. The program can accommodate up to fourteen individuals, some of whom are coming for a second year. Realistically we cannot accept every applicant. We choose our CIT’s based on their promise as future outstanding counselors.

Most camps charge full or reduced tuition for their CIT program. Glen Brook does not, and we cover weekly day-off expenses such as eating out or going to a movie. A CIT is not an employee, and this isn’t a summer job to make money. Rather, this is an important opportunity to understand what it means to be a responsible, self-motivated leader, an essential quality for future success in college or careers. And of course, we hope that our CIT’s will go on to be counselors here.

Please read the page of expectations, rules, and understandings. We understand that as a CIT you live in that sometimes awkward world between adulthood and childhood, camper and staff, and that you give up a lot of freedom to live in a camp community. However, please keep in mind that even the director has a long list of rules to follow. Believe it or not, a new level of freedom and creativity can arise out of such a highly structured life as everyone operates under the same set of rules, demanding respect for one another.

If this program interests you, please complete the online application as soon as possible. The application is due by January 1, and we will make our first round of acceptances in mid January. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call at 603-876-3342 or e-mail