Glen Brook at Home

Can't Come to Camp?

Let us bring a little bit of Camp to you! Though nothing can compare to playing games in the woods, eating Glen Brook food, sitting around a fire, or collecting fresh eggs, here are some ways to bring Camp Glen Brook into your home. Check in regularly for more content to share with the whole family.

Join our us live right here for a Glen Brook Sing Along Friday 07/24 4:00 PM EST

Follow along with the Glen Brook Song Book.

Good Morning Glen Brook - Watch

Spring Stories - Listen

The Stories of Dorothy Harer

Print Resources - Play and Create Offline

Games at Home pen and paper games for all ages.

What’s At My Place? outdoor activity

StoryCorps Interview at home activity

Sound Map outdoor activity

Escape The Page: Part 1 Puzzles

Escape The Page: Part 2 Puzzles

More resources coming soon!