We offer ten-day sessions for 3rd and 4th graders, three-week sessions for 3rd through 10th graders, and six-week Counselors-in-Training and Farmers-in-Training programs for those who have completed 10th or 11th grade.

Foxes & Otters completed 3rd or 4th grade
Foxes and Otters participate in the usual camp activities (click here to read about our programs), and go on an overnight camp-out on Camp property.

Raccoons completed 5th grade
Raccoons go on an overnight trip (canoeing or hiking) away from camp property, marking the beginning of the Trip Program.

Eagles completed 6th grade
Eagle year sees the addition of Elective classes and Glen Brook's low ropes course, participation in the "Deer-Eagle Dance" and Eagles go on a two-night, three-day wilderness trip.

Deer completed 7th grade
Deer campers see the addition of the high ropes course and go on a two-night, three-day wilderness trip.

Lynx completed 8th grade
Lynx year brings rock climbing, knife making, and Lynx go on a three-night, four-day wilderness trip.

Falcon completed 9th or 10th grade, 15 - 16 years old
The Falcon Outdoor Leadership Program teaches leadership and personal responsibility through wilderness experiences in Northern New England and stewardship of Glen Brook's forested and farm landscape.  Click here for more information.

CIT  completed 10th or 11th grade, 16 - 17 years old
Counselors in Training (CIT) learn about camp counseling and education, assist in classes, help counselors care for campers, do many daily camp chores in the kitchen, dining room, grounds, barns, etc., and help organize some of the special activities.  

FIT  completed 10th or 11th grade, 16 - 17 years old
Farmers in Training (FIT) learn about farming organically and bio-dynamically. The assist our farmers and work with our campers and interface with our kitchen in all aspects of our farm-to-table program.

Staff all of our staff are at least 18 years old.