We are excited to offer weekends for adults of all ages. Many of you have asked for a chance to come and experience Glen Brook with new and old friends and/or your spouse. A chance to retreat from your responsibilities and devices to be renewed and refreshed in this very special place. You will enjoy delicious farm to table meals, maybe a walk in the woods, or read by the fire, all in the context of a supportive intergenerational adult community.

Online registration will be live soon. In the meantime, to reserve your spot, please contact us: office@glenbrook.org or 603-876-3342. Thank you for your patience.

Cost: $495 per person, includes all activities and workshops, food and shared lodging (2 people per room). For a single room there is a $50 upcharge for the weekend.

Is the cost of the weekend too expensive for you? There are two ways to reduce your costs:

  1. Recruit 3 other friends and to share a large room and you will each receive a $150 discount each.

  2. Volunteer to do work during the weekend and receive a $150 discount. Please contact us to apply to volunteer: office@glenbrook.org or 603-876-3342.

Other Adult Workshops at Glen Brook

Lunas Herbal Logo copy.jpg

Luna’s Herbals will be offering a variety of evening workshops at Glen Brook beginning on December 11, 2018. Learn more.