Q & A for Summer 2021

These are some of the questions we anticipate you might have looking ahead to summer 2021. Our answers are based on what we know as of now and current best practices for COVID safety at camp. The American Camp Association and Y-USA have worked with Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. to develop a “Field Guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance.” This document, which helps inform Glen Brook’s policies, will continue to evolve. Our plans will likewise evolve alongside best practices and New Hampshire’s COVID guidelines.

We expect that conditions and guidelines will change as the months pass.  For now, we are making plans that address conditions as they are, not as we hope they will be.  We will keep this page up to date with changes, and enrolled parents will hear from us directly as changes are made.

General Questions

Is Glen Brook creating a camp-wide bubble?
Currently, yes, we plan to create a COVID-free bubble, using a combination of testing and quarantining. Staff members will spend their days off within camp and Glen Brook will not host visitors. With very few exceptions, no one inside the bubble will leave until they depart camp for good. Anyone who does enter camp this summer will follow masking and distancing protocols.

Will Glen Brook put campers in pods or cohorts?
To adhere to current state guidelines, we will consider each cabin group of campers and staff to be a “household.” Each “household” will be able to be close to one another without masks, particularly overnight in the cabin and indoor mealtimes.

We anticipate dividing the Camp into two cohorts of who can interact closely with one another as long as there is no presence of the virus in Camp.  This will, of course, depend on the results of testing and monitoring in the first week.

What will Glen Brook ask of campers and staff before their arrival to camp?
We will follow the state’s COVID guidelines for overnight camps.  These guidelines currently require a pre-arrival quarantine of 14 days, and a negative COVID test taken 7-10 days prior to arrival that is a PCR nasopharyngeal test (deep nasal swab).

Will you test for COVID during summer camp?
In addition to the above, we plan to: 

  1. Administer a second COVID test on arrival at camp
  2. Administer a third COVID test taken 5-7 days after arriving at camp.
  3. We plan to administer a fourth test shortly before the end of each session to make sure we are sending campers and staff home as healthy as they came to camp.
    1. It is possible those time frames will change and narrow– we’ll keep you updated throughout the winter and spring.

The tests administered at Glen Brook will be PCR tests, also known as molecular tests, which detect the virus’ presence. These will be mid-turbinate or shallow nasal swabs. 

At this time, New Hampshire calls for a nasopharyngeal test (deep nasal swab) for the first test before arrival at camp, and allows for mid-turbinate or shallow nasal swabs for subsequent surveillance tests. We hope that by summer 2021, less invasive tests (such as saliva-based “spit” tests) will be approved for use.

Additional tests would be administered if a camper or staff exhibited COVID symptoms. We expect our healthcare staff will be able to administer tests on-site in Glen Brook’s health room.

Will you require masks? In what settings?
We are working to determine when and where we will require masks this summer.  We are focused on establishing cabin “households” that can be mask-free with each other and their counselor(s) throughout the summer, and on establishing a camp-wide bubble to reduce the need for masks in general.  We only anticipate needing masks if cabin groups are mixed, indoors, and cannot maintain distance from one another.

How often will you conduct health screenings?
We will conduct daily screenings to monitor everyone at camp. This will include temperature checks and a set of screening questions for COVID symptoms.

What will happen if my child gets COVID while at camp?
We are designing our protocols to prevent COVID coming to camp this summer. However, if a camper or staff member is diagnosed with COVID during the session, they will immediately be isolated and return home as soon as possible, as per state guidelines. This presents a number of challenges, most notably for campers coming from considerable distance. Glen Brook will have the means to keep campers under care at camp for as long as it takes for a parent or legal guardian to arrive.

What is Glen Brook’s plan for the overall community if someone gets Covid?
We will follow New Hampshire and CDC guidelines. The person diagnosed with COVID would be isolated immediately and leave camp as soon as possible. In the meantime, their household/cabin group (including counselors) would be quarantined from the rest of the camp community until COVID tests could be administered to the group. The cabin group could continue doing activities during that time, but would need to stay separate from everyone else. Presumably, once the appropriate period time passed and they received negative COVID test results, they could return to normal activities with the rest of Glen Brook’s campers and staff.

Will parents be informed if someone at camp contracts Covid during the summer?
Yes. We will immediately notify all families by email.

How will you handle non-Covid illnesses? What if a camper needs to see a clinician outside of camp?
Glen Brook’s healthcare staff will handle illness and injury at camp as they always have while taking added precautions against COVID. We will work throughout the winter and spring to develop modified procedures at the health center, but likely it will look and feel much as it always has. To the extent that we can minimize trips to the clinic, we will – telehealth appointments are a possibility, as is adding an on-site physician to the staff. Should a camper or staff require treatment at the local urgent care center or emergency room, they will follow appropriate COVID safety protocol while off-campus and will follow a re-entry procedure upon returning to camp.

Will every staff person live at camp?
That remains to be seen. If support staff such as kitchen staff are commuting to camp, they will have to follow masking and distancing protocols at all times and have no contact with staff and campers in the bubble. Our preference is to have support staff live on-site.

Will there be extra medical staff at camp?
We are exploring the possibility of adding extra medical staff. From reports from other camps that ran in different states in 2020, we are expecting that the added health precautions will lead to fewer visits to the health room, not more.

How will you get food deliveries?
We will modify how we interact with the companies that deliver our food.  They will likely drop off food in the parking lot across the road, from where our staff will sanitize and bring it into the kitchen.

Enrollment Questions

Are you enrolling the usual number of campers or are there limited spots this summer?
We will start enrollment at a slightly reduced capacity for many groups, but are hopeful that we can open more spots soon. We will be reducing our Fox, or 10-day, offerings for 2021.

Why are there only two 10-day sessions instead of 4?
Because we are making a bubble, we can’t introduce new campers into the bubble mid-way through the session.  For this reason, we will only offer our Fox sessions at the beginning of each session.

If I left my deposit with you, do I still need to do anything to enroll for 2021?
Yes, you’ll still have to complete an application. For two weeks, from November 29th until 10:00 on December 13th, registration will be open only to those whose deposit was left with us as a deposit or donation.

Will Glen Brook charge any extra fees due to Covid?
No, there will be no COVID surcharge. Glen Brook will cover the cost of the two COVID tests required of campers and staff at the start of each session, as well as one prior to returning home, and all the other costs associated with COVID planning.

My child stays for 6 weeks. Will I be able to visit my child? Will my child have to leave Camp for the time between sessions?
We are still working out how to best accommodate two-session campers given the three-day gap between Session I and II.  We also will devise a plan for campers who need to stay with us during the three-day break. All campers who stay past Session I will go through the process of testing and a few days of staying in “households” with their new, Session II cabin groups.

If camp has to close due to COVID once the session begins, will I get any of my money back?
Yes – it will be prorated for the time spent at Camp.

Transportation Questions

My child takes a train / bus / plane to Glen Brook. Can my child come to camp in 2021?
Under the current guidelines, the only way to come to camp is by personal transportation, i.e. you drive your child to camp, or get on our chartered bus in New York following protocols. If your child must fly, you will have to quarantine within driving distance for two weeks before coming to Glen Brook.  We will update you if the state revises its guidelines.

Will campers or staff come from other countries?
Campers and staff coming from outside the country will be subject to the same measures as campers and staff who come from any significant distance, which includes quarantine and testing after they arrive in the country but prior to arrival at camp. New Hampshire’s guidelines make bringing foreign campers and staff to camp difficult, but not impossible.

What about campers or staff coming from areas with high numbers of Covid cases?
We will follow state guidance. Presently, New Hampshire has strict quarantine and testing requirements for out-of-state visitors, and those requirements change based on infection rates in the visitors’ points of origin. Campers and staff coming from areas with high infection rates may be subject to restrictions that make it difficult to come to camp, but we do not expect it to be impossible.

Programming Change Questions

Will campers be able to move freely through camp? Will their activities be limited?
In general, we do not anticipate any limits on campers’ movements through camp or their choice of activities. There will be some restrictions in place during the first few days of each session, while we wait to confirm the results of COVID testing. We aim to establish our healthy bubble as quickly as possible.

Will Glen Brook offer Trips in 2021?
We plan to offer trips for the Falcon program, and are exploring the best opportunities for camping and wilderness experiences either on our 240 acres or beyond.  For other cabin groups, we will be modifying the Trips program to highlight outdoor adventure and living skills on our expansive property.

Why is there more time between sessions?
This summer, we are creating a three-day break between sessions, rather than our usual 24 hour turn-around between Sessions 1 and 2. The break will allow us to thoroughly clean the facility, and will give the staff time to restore their energy before welcoming a new batch of campers. Our staff members will stay inside the Glen Brook bubble for the entire summer and will not be able to leave camp on days off, as they normally do. The mid-summer break will give them much-needed time for self-care and to prepare for our Session II campers.

What will meals look like?
We probably will dine outdoors a lot more this summer. We also may have a tent or another structure that allows us to all eat together, but spread out, when needed.

Will there be extra cleaning?
Yes. Staff will regularly sanitize indoor areas, bathrooms, activity areas and materials, camp vans, etc.

My child was going to be a Falcon in 2020. Now what?
Your child can be a Falcon in 2021! We’ve added a new age group to Camp– the Bear group. The 2020 Lynx group will be Bears in 2021, and everybody else will progress as normal.

Will there be Family Camp or Winter Camp in 2021?
Unfortunately, we do not anticipate being able to offer these programs until 2022. Existing state guidelines make it next to impossible for 2021.

Updated November 2020