Opening Days: Sunday, July 1st & Sunday, July 22rd

1:00 – 3:00  |  Arrival — Check in with the office, nurse, and join your counselor and cabin group!

3:00  |  Optional New Parents' Meeting with the Director

4:00  |  Campers Welcome Meeting in the Orchard (Parents must all depart by 4:00)

Closing Days: Saturday, July 21st & Saturday, August 11th

9:30  |  Visiting Begins! (Please do not arrive earlier.)
Upon entering camp, proceed with your car to the designated parking area behind the Rec Hall and Barn.

9:30 – 10:00  |  Refreshments, touring camp facilities and visiting activity areas:

  • Arts & Crafts Studio (in the Sugar House down near the lake)
  • Woodwork Studio (rear of the Rec Hall) 
  • Woods and Trails (maps available at the office and posted on trails)

10:00  |  Family Singing in the Barn

11:00  |  Family Swim at the lakefront, weather permitting. Camp lifeguards will be on duty.  Everyone in a boat must wear a life jacket – adults included. Swimming ends promptly at 12:15 and the waterfront closes.

12:30  |  Lunch Buffet: Sample our delicious fresh food from our farm and gardens! 

1:30pm  |  First Session Campers & Parents: please load gear in cars by 1:30 so that counselors can prepare cabins for the second session group.  

2:00pm  |  Camp Closes until 1:00pm Sunday.  Remember to check out with the Nurse if necessary.