2020 Tuition Rollover, Donation, Or Refund Form

2020 Tuition, Rollover, Donation, Or Refund Form

Camp Glen Brook is committed to giving full refunds for Summer 2020 tuition to all families who want them. We’re also offering the opportunity to roll over some or all of your Summer 2020 payment and be guaranteed a spot for Summer 2021. Doing this would lock in this year’s tuition price for next summer.

We would also welcome all or any part of your tuition payment as a tax-deductible contribution to Camp Glen Brook to help Glen Brook during this difficult period. We will apply any contributions to a recovery fund for the following purposes:

  • Add to the campership fund for the coming years as families recover from the economic fallout from Coronavirus;
  • Sustain the farm and farm animals allowing Glen Brook to provide food for sale in our community;
  • Help Glen Brook retain staff during the year to develop new initiatives for Glen Brook for the future;
  • Maintain communications with our community as we all work through the year.

Below you will find a form to complete to delineate your wishes.  If you have any questions, please contact Mark Stehlik, mark@glenbrook.org. You will receive confirmation of your choices in the coming weeks.