Contra Dancing, Monadnock, and Falcon Paddles

by Camp Glen Brook
July 22, 2016

The whole camp made it up to the top of Mount Monadnock on Wednesday! We followed with a cookout in the meadow and an evening swim after a long sweaty day.  While the camp hiked, some staff who stayed back at Camp were able to see the group waving from the summit through one of Camp’s telescopes. They also helped the hikers find camp by using a mirror to reflect the sun toward the mountain to signal Camp’s location.

Thursday night saw a lively contra dance in the meadow– our band played wonderfully, and everybody had a great time. Next week Nurse Katy will be teaching us some more complex square dances, since everybody did so well last night.

Our weather continues to be hot and sunny, and the campers are all off on team scavenger hunts throughout the woods to start off the day’s Glen Brook Games. They are using maps and compasses to find clues as well as a long list of various items (such as “a maple leaf”, “a striped rock”). When they finish the scavenger hunt and have a snack, we’ll begin our team games!

5 thoughts on “Contra Dancing, Monadnock, and Falcon Paddles

  1. Amazing photos!!! Thank you for giving them such an amazing experience 💖Can you please post them on Facebook as well, this goes very fast with no pause option.

    1. You can right click on them to save/download the photos, but unfortunately our rural way of life includes rural internet speeds…it brings our office to a standstill every time we upload photos, so we have to be very judicious about when we do. We’re sorry to move away from the more convenient Facebook platform, but because they started requiring an account login to view the photos, we can no longer rely on their site.
      We’ll keep experimenting with better ways of viewing photos!

  2. The camp buildings were always visible from Monadnock’s summit. We were always told to watch for a heliograph flash from camp which meant it was time to start down the mountain. With an eight week summer camp we usually managed two hikes up Monadnock each summer. One up the Halfway House trail (The Halfway House, a lovely hotel, burned to the ground in 1954.) and the other The Marlboro Trail. Other favorite trips included Pitcher (Blueberry) Mountain–lots of blueberry picking, Pack Monadnock, Chesterfield Gorge, Mount Grace, and Rhododendron Park. One year we went to Mount Sunape, going up and down by chair lift! Awesome!

    David White (Camper/staff from fifties and sixties)

    David White (camper and staff member from the fifties and sixties)

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