05-25 11th Grade Waldorf School of Garden City

The Waldorf School of Garden City's 11th grade just spent a wonderful spring week at Glen Brook.  The week was a quintessential Glen Brook mix of work and play, and this group of students was so spirited that even the work felt like play.  Activities included swimming, canoeing, tennis, capture the flag in the woods, biking, soccer, and basketball.  The class made their mark on Glen Brook through helping to cook their meals and performing meal chores, tearing the siding off the hill house and staining the shingles that will replace it, working in the garden, and performing forestry work in the woods to improve our capture the flag course and clear our trails.

Of course, the big focus of the week was orienteering: our Main Lessons were spent learning about the history and evolution of maps, and a great deal of time was spent learning how to read and understand the information that maps present.  The students also learned to find their way using a map and compass, practicing on two different compass courses in our woods.  The week culminated on Thursday when we dropped the students off in small groups five to seven miles away from camp.

By the end of five hours' time, all the students were back, making record time.  "It was easy," these Long Islanders said of their journey through the woods, with no trails or obvious landmarks, and no GPS to guide them.  "We knew where we were the whole time and it was a lot of fun."

We look forward to having this class back in the fall for their Orientation Trip, and wish them well in their final weeks of school.