08-30 Orientation Trip

The Waldorf School of Garden City's High school Seniors and Freshmen spent the last three days at Glen Brook to prepare for the start of school.  This was the biggest Glen Brook trip yet, with a total of 59 students in attendance.  With all these helping hands, we were able to accomplish a great deal of stewardship: from pruning trees and harvesting in the garden, to carrying logs and digging trenches, we appreciated that many hands make light work.  The students also spent time swimming, hiking Monadnock, having class meetings, and singing songs around a fire at the Granite ring.  On the last morning, the seniors climbed "the wall", a twelve foot wall in which they support each other in getting everybody in the class up and over to the other side. We were impressed with the camaraderie and teamwork shown within each class and between the classes, and hope they will keep that support and enthusiasm alive as they enter into the challenges of a new school year.



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