July 14th, 2009

July 14, 2009

Tournaments are underway. By the end of the week we’ll know our most skilled competitors in tetherball, pin-pong, tennis, and knock-out basketball. It is always a time of excitement, and even our youngest campers become enthused. The children work hard during this final week of our first session to finish projects in art and crafts, woodshop, and ceramics. Beautiful necklaces, clay plant pots, decorated picture frames, and carved, wooden fish will be wonderful works to take home from camp. Our artist in residence brought a handful of campers to a local waterfall for some nature drawing during an elective period today. In the midst of a very active day, nature drawing can be a peaceful time of observation and attentiveness for campers. It is a popular elective. The Deer enjoyed a local baseball game in the evening. The Keene Swampbats won a decisive victory over the Holyoke Blue Sox from Massachusetts – 5 to 1. Stolen bases, double plays, and some key strike outs throughout the match made for an exciting ballgame that captivated the fans.